The Authority exercises a technical and prudential monitoring of the mutual insurers in accordance with the Law 64.12.

The aim of the monitoring exercised by the Authority on the mutuality sector is to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations in force, to verify the technical and financial balance, to ensure the protection of members and to work on the development of activities in this sector.This monitoring covers the technical and prudential aspects of mutual insurers. It covers in particular :


  • Contributions (declarations, collection, claiming, ...);
  • Benefits (liquidation of files, traceability, payment, accounting, medical supervision, ...);
  • Financial management of the reserve funds and the technical provisions.

This monitoring is carried out based on the provisions of articles 2 and 12 of Law n ° 64-12. This article stipulates that the powers and attributions devolving to the Minister of Finance, by virtue of Dahir N° 1-57-187 bearing statute of mutuality, are exercised by the Authority(with the exception of those concerning mutual insurers of the Royal Armed Forces and Auxiliary Forces). In addition, the Minister of Finance acts on a proposal from the Authority, concerning decisions requiring a joint order with the Minister of Labor.


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