Law No. 65-00 on the basic health insurance code establishes a basic Compulsory Health Insurance (AMO). The AMO scheme is base on a contributory principle and the sharing of risks.

With the contribution of various stakeholders, the Authority participates in the development of the legislative and regulatory framework for basic medical coverage and particularly in terms of prudential rules and financial organization.

According to Article 50 of Law No. 65-00 as amended by Article 139 of Law No. 64-12 establishing the Authority, the methods of creating, operating and representing reserve funds  are set by a circular of the Authority

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Law No. 65-00 relating to the Code of Basic Health Service sets forth:
  • A basic compulsory health insurance (AMO) based on the principles and techniques of social insurance for the benefit of persons exercising lucrative business, pensioners, former members of the Resistance and members of Liberation Army and university students;
  • A medical support plan (RAMED) based on the principles of social support and national solidarity for the benefit of the poor population.
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