ACAPS is in charge of defining control methods of the operators of the pension sector. It prepares and oversees the publication of circulars through which it sets the rules and procedures of the monitoring. It also proposes draft decrees to the government.

In order to carry out its tasks under the best conditions, the Authority is adapting the legislative and regulatory framework by setting the prudential rules and monitoring procedures of the social welfare bodies. The Authority designed the necessary regulatory framework for implementing the provisions of Law No. 64-12 on the regulation and monitoring of pension funds by developing of a series of circulars:

  • The circular relating to the reporting documents necessary for the technical and financial monitoring, to be produced by the persons of public law practicing or managing pension operations
  • The circular relating to the monitoring of the mutual pension funds
  • The circular relating to the monitoring of “Caisse Nationale de Retraites et d’Assurances - CNRA”.
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