The Authority ensures the preservation of the rights of affiliates and members of the social welfare schemes and beneficiaries of the services they offer.

As such, it ensures compliance with regulations and monitors the practices and procedures put in place by these plans with respect to their members and affiliates. It also investigates the claims of the latter. In this context, control missions are organized and a claim handling system that favors diligence and transparency with regard to the claimants is set up.

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Under Article 6 of Law 64-12, the Authority ensures that the entities subject to its supervision comply with the rules for the protection of affiliates in accordance with the legal and regulatory provisions relating to social security. Similarly, Article 7 grants the Authority the power, with regard to pension organizations, to investigate all claims (affiliates, employers, insured persons, etc.).



Employer organism that adheres to the pension plan on behalf of its employees. The employer's commitment is to deduct employee contributions from the salaries paid to employees and the settlement of employer contributions to the pension fund.

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Employee affiliated with the pension plan following the adhesion of his employer. The affiliate pays the salary contribution and benefits, as well as his dependents, of allowances guaranteed by the pension plan (old-age pension, pensions of successors or survivors, family allowances ...).

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In case you would like to file a complaint against an organization subject to ACAPS supervision, we recommend that you firstly contact the concerned person or company.

In case the dispute persists after that, you may contact ACAPS by completing the form below. The Authority will study your complaint in its capacity as a supervision authority and, if necessary, will take the most adequate measure in accordance with the legal requirements and within the scope of ACAPS powers.

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