The pension coverage in Morocco currently concerns the employees. The main existing pension schemes are different in terms of their legal status, management methods, resources and means of provision.


The pension coverage is provided by six basic schemes and three supplementary schemes:

  • The schemes of civil and military pensions managed by the Moroccan Pension Fund (WRC-CPM and WRC-RPM);
  • The Group Retirement Allowance Scheme - General Scheme (RCAR-RG) for employees in the semi-public sector;
  • The general social security scheme for employees of the private sector managed by the National Social Security Fund (CNSS);
  • Two internal pension schemes for employees of Bank Al Maghreb and the National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water.

This sector also includes three supplementary and optional schemes:

  • Moroccan Inter-professional Pension Fund (CIMR) for private sector employees;
  • The Supplementary scheme of RCAR (RCAR-RC) for the affiliates of RCAR-RG;
  • The ATTAKMILI scheme managed by the CMR for the benefit of the affiliates of the two schemes CMR-RPC and CMR-RPM.

Did you know?

For several years, the public authorities have been engaged in a process of overall reform of the pension sector within the framework of the National Commission (tripartite composition: Government-Trade Union- Employers' Association) chaired by the Head of Government. This commission validated a reform scheme based on two axes:

  • the two-pole system as a framework for the comprehensive reform of the sector that relies on the creation of a pole for the public sector and another for the private sector (which should ensure the extension of coverage to non-employees)
  • the urgent parametric reform of civil pension scheme.
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