ACAPS also extends its field of competence to the distribution network (insurance intermediaries and bankassurance network).

ACAPS monitors the activities and operations of the distribution network. It also issue and withdraw license and has the power to impose sanctions.

By monitoring the network for the presentation of insurance operations, ACAPS works to ensure compliance with the conditions of practice and management provided for in Book IV of Law No.17-99 on the Insurance Code and the texts adopted for its application.

The Authority also conducts monitoring either on-site or based on documents. This monitoring can be carried out on the occasion of:

  • The review of the provided reporting;
  • The claims received;
  • The monitoring of the implementation of a new regulation, or;
  • The programming of a monitoring of the entire network across the country.

2017 supervision results

Distribution network is supervised by the Authority in order to ensure compliance with the conditions of exercise and management set forth in the chapter IV of the law No. 17-99 relating to the Code of Insurances and the texts related to the application thereof. The Authority therefore carries out onsite monitoring as well as monitoring based on documents.

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