The Supervisory Authority of Insurance and Social welfare (ACAPS) is in charge of several missions that contribute to the achievement of its priority goals that are the protection of policyholders, members and affiliates, and the proper functioning of the sectors subject to its control.

ACAPS is in charge of supervising the insurance and reinsurance companies and the distribution network as well as the social welfare organizations. It ensures the protection of policyholders, affiliates, members and beneficiaries of rights through the following:

  • Monitoring the solvency of insurance and reinsurance companies and the financial sustainability of social welfare schemes.
  • Ensuring compliance with the regulations applicable to each sector by the operators subject to its control.
  • Monitoring business practices and investigating all the claims relating to transactions carried out by the entities subject to its control.

This monitoring is based on law No. 64-12 establishing ACAPS, No. 17-99 constituting the Insurance Code and those governing the mandatory pension schemes. Regarding the sector of ​​ mutual insurance agencies, the monitoring is conducted jointly with the Ministry of Employment.

Insurance Sector

Several missions fall under the responsibility of ACAPS and they all contribute to the achievement of priority goals of the protection of policyholders and the development of the insurance market.

Social Welfare Sector

Law No. 64-12 establishing ACAPS has strengthened the supervisory role of the social welfare sector. Thus, several missions are assigned to the ACAPS:

Strengthening financial stability and macro-prudential supervision

Established under the banking law, the Committee for Coordination and Surveillance of Systemic Risks (CCSRS) is a macro-prudential supervision and risk prevention system. The Committee is in charge of analyzing the risks on the stability of the financial system and proposing appropriate measures to mitigate the effects of such risks. By participating in this committee, ACAPS actively contributes to the stability of the financial system through a permanent analysis and monitoring of the risks weighing on the insurance and social welfare sector.

Financial education

The development of financial education plays an important role in protecting client rights and contributes to the development of the financial sector. It allows consumers to better understand the financial products and services.

ACAPS contributes to the promotion of financial education in the fields falling within its scope of intervention through the implementation of dissemination and awareness-raising activities for the benefit of the public concerned.

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