The Authority's fundamental mission is to ensure that the rights of the insured and beneficiaries of contracts are guaranteed.

ACAPS works towards helping insurance companies and intermediaries to put in place the procedures and means necessary to respond effectively, continuously and efficiently to two main requirements:  

  • Informing citizens about the characteristics of the available coverage offers in order to enable them to make informed decisions about insurance contracts and the practical arrangements for executing these contracts.
  • Fair treatment of insured individuals, in particular with regard to handling their requests and claims, the proper execution of obligations and commitments under insurance contracts and the design and marketing of insurance products that fit the needs of different consumer groups.


For this purpose, the Authority ensures the adequacy of the arrangements implemented by insurers and insurance intermediaries to comply with these requirements. It also controls the compliance of marketed insurance products with the regulations in force and ensures compliance with the rights of insured individuals and beneficiaries of insurance contracts as provided for in the regulations and contractual clauses. It also ensures, through regular monitoring and control, that insurance sector players respect good practices for the conduct of their business.

Did you know?

The Authority's protection mission is reinforced by article 6 of the law No. 64-12 establishing the Authority which stipulates that ACAPS ensures compliance with the rules of good practices and protection of the insured and beneficiaries of contracts and works for the development of the insurance business.



In case you would like to file a complaint against an organization subject to ACAPS supervision, we recommend that you firstly contact the concerned person or company.

In case the dispute persists after that, you may contact ACAPS by completing the form below. The Authority will study your complaint in its capacity as a supervision authority and, if necessary, will take the most adequate measure in accordance with the legal requirements and within the scope of ACAPS powers.

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