ACAPS is in charge of ensuring that the bodies subject to its supervision comply with the corresponding provisions of the Law relating to combating money laundering.

The Supervisory Authority of Insurance and Social Welfare (ACAPS) places the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism among its priorities and works to prevent the use of insurance companies and intermediaries in any financial crime related to money laundering or terrorism financing

The Authority's objective is to participate in safeguarding the solid reputation of the Moroccan insurance sector and financial sector in general as a well-regulated sector aiming to become a financial hub at the regional and international level.

This mission to ensure compliance with the AML / CFT provisions and to assist the sector in the implementation of an effective system , is a legal mission conferred to the Authority under Law 64.12 related to its creation and Law 43.05 related to the fight against money laundering.

To do this, the Authority sets up circulars, draws up explanatory guides, sets up a consultation mechanism with professionals in the sector, organizes training sessions, carries out on-site and off-site controls, and participate, through a national coordination framework, to improve the legal, regulatory and practical aspects related to AML / CFT.

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