What is Mutual Insurance?


Mutuality is a system of social solidarity of insurance and social welfare based on the mutual assistance of contributing members grouped within the same non-profit society. Mutualism appeared in Europe from the beginning of the 19th century as an organized system; then spread around the world.

Mutual funds, governed by the Mutual Insurance Code, play a fundamental role in the economy and society by providing social cover. Indeed, in return for a monthly contribution, the insured, (we call it "being affiliated"), benefits from the reimbursement of a portion of medical, surgical, hospitalization and pharmaceutical costs.

In Morocco the mutual fund is governed by the Dahir n ° 187-57-1 of Jumādá al-ākhirah 12th, 1383 (November 14, 1963) relating to the statute of Mutual Insurance. According to Article 1: "Mutual funds are non-profit groups which, by means of contributions from their members, propose to carry out, in the interest of their members or their family, solidarity and mutual assistance aimed at covering risks that may affect the human person ".

In Morocco, how is medical coverage organized?

In Morocco, medical coverage is based on compulsory health insurance (AMO) as a basic cover, supplemented by coverage provided by mutual funds.

The Moroccan mutual insurance sector, which provides complementary medical coverage, is composed of 28 mutual funds :

  • Eleven mutual funds created by public sector staff
  • Seven cover semi-public sector personnel
  • Five formed in the private sector
  • Five cover people in liberal professions.

In general, mutual funds support the following activities:

  • Care benefits as part of a basic and / or additional medical insurance
  • Management of the compulsory basic health insurance (AMO) scheme on behalf of the National Fund of Social Insurance Organizations (CNOPS)
  • Aid, relief and advances on sickness benefits
  • Creation and management of social works, particularly of a health nature
  • Death and / or old age pension.
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