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As part of its information and awareness missions; ACAPS launched the "نوضح ليك التأمين" radio campaign to inform about insurance issues. This campaign aims to present the principles of insurance and to inform the insured about his rights and obligations.

Capsule: Role and missions of ACAPS

Capsule: What is insurance?

Capsule: Rights and Obligations of the Insured

Capsule: What can be insured ?

Capsule: Motor Insurance (1/2)

Capsule: Motor Insurance (2/2)

Capsule: The insurance contract

Capsule: The insurance of persons

Capsule: Life insurance

Capsule: Capitalisation

Capsule: Assistance

Capsule: Work Accident Insurance

The Supervisory Authority of Insurance and Social Welfare publishes alerts for policyholders on a regular basis.

Alert on renewal deadlines:

The insurance contract you have taken out may be either a fixed term contract or a tacit renewal contract.

  • Your contract is for a fixed term: it will be extinguished automatically on the due date. It is up to the parties (you and your insurer) to extend the contract by signing an extension agreement. In the absence of an amendment, it is your responsibility to take out a new contract; otherwise you will no longer be covered against claims that may occur after the aforementioned date.
  • Your contract is tacitly renewed: it will be renewed automatically, and without any specific formalism, on the due date stipulated in the contract. In case you wish to terminate it you must send, before the period of notice provided for in the contract, a request for termination to your insurer. Failure to do so will result in the renewal of the contract and you will be obliged to pay the related premium within the stipulated time limits subject to sanctions provided for in Article 21 of Law No. 17-99 on the Insurance Code. The notice period is generally 30 days and cannot exceed 90 days in any case.

In view of the foregoing, we strongly recommend that you carefully read your contract and in particular the term and renewal clauses.

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